Our Services

Shaw Process Castings Pty Ltd can offer you a complete service from Design,Prototyping,Casting,Finished products.
With the advancements in computers and 3D technology Shaw Process Castings can help from design to finshed product

Design – Our sales team can offer you the right advice with design which can save you time and money with the manufacture of Investment castings.

Prototypes – With the advancement of computers and 3D design Shaw Process Castings can turn that 1 off 3D model into an Investment castingwe can also turn that 3D model in to a prototype mould to produce a minimum of say 10 off castings prototypes (subject to design and mouldability of part ).

Tooling – Shaw Process Castings can supply a complete tooling service with our own Patternshop we have complete control of the toolingmanufacture as well as this we also have the benefits of using some of the best tooling suppliers around.

Castings – Shaw Process Castings can supply castings in both Ferrous and Non Ferrous Materials with tollerances not acheived by other castingprocesses.Castings can be supplied in the form of prototypes or Production runs from 1 casting to 200,000 castings with castings ranging from as little as a few grams up to 18kgs in weight.

  • Stainless Steels – Heat and Corrosion Grades
  • Steels – Carbon, Low Alloy, High Alloy, Tool Steels
  • Iron – Grey, Ductile, Ni Resist, Ni Hard, Cr Irons
  • Non Ferrous – Copper, Brass, Bronzes, Aluminium

Heat Treating – Castings can be supplied in the as cast condition or supplied in the Heat Treated condtion from Annealing to Hardening and Tempering.

Machining – We can supply castings finished with all the machining complete ready to put in your store.

Finishing – Shaw Process Castings can supply your castings with a multitude of finishes these could includePolishing,Plating.Powdercoating,Sanblast/Shotblast/Glassbead finishes with an excellent as cast finish with surfaces in the 90-125 RMS range.

Testing – All castings produced by Shaw Process Castings are made to the highest standard ,we can provide all testing fromChemical Analysis,Conformance,Heat Treatment Certificates, Mechanical and Non Destructive testing.