Casting Process

A Brief Outline Below on the Casting Process

The Casting Process starts with the manufacture of the wax item that is being produced,generally these parts are made by injecting wax into a tool designed purposely for making that part,wax parts can also be produced from 3D printing machines,hand made art works etc.

Once the Wax part has been produced it is then fixed to a purpose built Runner Bar and proceeds to the Dipping Process

Following the Dipping Process Moulds are De Waxed to remove the Wax Part and Wax Runner Systems from the Ceramic Moulds,The Moulds are then Fired during the burn out process to remove all traces of wax and to Pre Heat the mould prior to Casting

Molten Metal is poured into the Moulds to produce the Cast Part,Parts then travel though the finishing section where they are inspected prior to despatch or where they proceed onto further processes such as Machining,Heat Treatment,Plating etc